6-14 October 2017

Our Sponsors

We are looking for creative and innovative organizations to join Amman Design Week as sponsors. Please feel free to contact us at info@ammandesignweek.com for any additional information regarding our potential partnership.

Platinum Sponsors

Zain Jordan

In 1995, Zain Jordan revolutionized telecommunications in Jordan by introducing GSM mobile services into the country. Zain quickly became the foremost telecom company in Jordan, a position that it kept to this day through a far sighted policy of investment in adopting cutting edge technology to provide state of the art services to customers.

Since its inception, Zain has tallied subscriber growth at an exceptional rate, with the number of subscribers around 5,903 million subscribers through about 6325 cell sites, Zain covers the entire populated area of Jordan.

Zain Jordan pioneered in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Corporate Entrepreneurship Responsibly (CER) by launching and supporting various national initiatives that go beyond developing the telecom sector. Zain is also considered as one of the Jordanian economy pillars as it embraces around 1000 employees and provide thousands of indirect job opportunities and it is the operator of choice for more than 5.903 million customers.



Design Patrons

The generous contributions of our Design Patrons have helped broaden the scope of Amman Design Week by enabling designers and makers from all walks of life to transform their designs into a reality.

  • Mr. Ali and Mrs. Lama Kolaghassi
  • Mr. Ahmad and Mrs. Sirine Abu Ghazaleh
  • Mrs. Haya Al Fayez-Al Rifai 
  • Mr. Khaled Masri
  • Ms. Sirin Masri
  • Mrs. Tala Nuqul
  • Mr. Yassin Talhouni