6-14 October 2017

It’s Time for Design in Amman

The second edition of the nine-day annual celebration will take place from 6 - 14 October 2017.

At a Glance

Amman is a young city of massive potential, with many untapped stories, talents and ambitions. As such, it holds a unique opportunity to become an oasis for creativity, presenting a critical cross-section of design in the region and highlighting the diversity of Jordan’s rich cultural tapestry.

Amman Design Week is an annual immersive experience in design, supported by Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah. Focused on creating a forum for learning, exchange and collaboration, this platform empowers designers through the cross-pollination of communities and ideas.

Building on last years favorable outcomes as measured by audience engagement, innovation, and designer success stories, Amman Design Week will continue to grow annually to become a hallmark for educational and cultural programming in the city, establishing Jordan as a recognized hub for design, creativity and modern Arab culture.

Exhibitions & Events

Beginning with our main hub in downtown Amman and extending outwards to different creative spaces around the city, Amman Design Week showcases works by over 100 local and regional designers, encompassing a holistic experience in design and immersion in cultural and educational programming.

Student Program

Working closely with Jordanian universities and schools, Amman Design Week creates learning opportunities for design students, connecting them with established practitioners through a mentorship program, internships, and volunteering opportunities. This year also marks our first student exhibition, highlighting the creativity of local youth and encouraging cross-institutional engagement.

Tours & Mobile Experiences

This year, going beyond the conventional format of a static exhibition, Amman Design Week is on the move. We introduce a program that takes audiences on an excursion around the city, to allow for a deeper engagement with the hidden corners of creativity in Jordan.

Workshops & Talks

Amman Design Week presents a series of workshops and talks that range from introductory level sessions for the general public to intensive learning experiences targeted for designers wishing to expand their horizons and hone their skills. The series connects the general public with local, regional and international designers’ work and ideas, and addresses issues of design practice, process, theory, management and technique.

Children’s Program

Specialized hands-on activities and crafts workshops for children and youth, which are focused on the exploration of different materials and tools.

Cultural & Food Program

Woven throughout the events of Amman Design Week is a carefully curated cultural program and culinary experience that represents a comprehensive and interlinked food and design experience and an immersive experience in urban cuisine, hospitality, and culture. Events include live music, performance, activations, and film screenings.

Community Outreach & Social Engagement

Amman Design Week empowers communities in rural and urban areas across Jordan through learning and economic opportunities that allow them to develop new products or initiatives in design that highlight craft alongside other local talents.

International Program

Our international network presents local designers with an opportunity to be represented internationally by showcasing their work as well as providing a platform for their engagement in global activities.

Independent Programs

As part of our citywide engagement, creative spaces around the city are celebrating design by hosting their own programs and independent events during the week. The program invites audiences to visit participating designers, craftspeople, studios, concept stores, workshops, companies, galleries, museums and institutions to learn more about design in their city.