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Announcement: Intro to Curating Contemporary Design

By Amman Design Week
On Sunday, February 25, 2018

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Call for Participation

Amman Design Week’s team is calling on artists, designers, writers, activists, or other creative practitioners who are involved or want to be involved with curatorial practice to take part in a six-week intensive course titled ‘Introduction to Curating Contemporary Design in the Middle East’.

The course, running from 1 April - 15 May, offers a hands-on experience, taught through the development of personal work and the introduction of case-studies. The course will be co-developed with participants, along with invited curators and designers from across the region who will lead workshops, talks, seminars, and field trips, and acting as mentors to develop exhibition concepts and ideas.

Facilitators include

  • Huda Abi Fares, Khatt Foundation - the Netherlands
  • Mohammad Elshahed, The Cairobserver/ The British Museum - Egypt/ UK
  • Joy Mardini, Joy Mardini Design Gallery - Beirut
  • Junia Elli Jorgji, National Gallery of Canada - Ottawa
  • Ammar Khammash, Khammash Architects - Jordan
  • Sahel Al Hiyari, Sahel Al Hiyari Architects - Jordan
  • Mohammad Al Asad, Center for the Study of the Built Environment - Jordan
  • Rawan Kashkoush, Dubai Design Week - UAE
  • Noor Al Dabbagh, Banafsajeel - KSA/UAE
  • Ahmad Humeid, Syntax - Jordan

More facilitators to be announced soon.

The course will touch on both theoretical and practical areas of curation, offering different perspectives on curation by practitioners, and will cover four basic modules (1) Introduction to curation, conceptualization, and ideation (2) Contemporary design in the Middle East (3) Exhibition development and execution, and (4) Curatorial communications.

Participants are asked to apply with a concept of a design exhibition they would like to curate, and will be expected to develop their personal projects throughout the duration of the course with the help of facilitators and the Amman Design Week team.

The course will take place mostly on afternoons and weekends. A full schedule, as well as a public program of talks, will be provided at a later date. Instruction will be mostly in English.

How to Apply

Applications should be sent to info@ammandesignweek.com by 15 March 2018, and should include:

  • Name
  • Contact information; e-mail address, phone number
  • A copy of your CV
  • Personal statement (200-300) explaining why you are applying for this course, what you hope to learn from it, and how it will benefit your professional development
  • Concept Statement (400-500) explaining the exhibition concept and idea you wish to develop over the duration of the course

Additional Information

  • Applicants can apply in pairs.
  • Priority will be given to local participants.
  • Priority will be given to those who can attend the full course.

About Amman Design Week

Amman Design Week is an annual immersive experience in local and regional design and culture. Focused on creating a forum for learning, exchange and collaboration, this platform empowers designers through its comprehensive program of large-scale curated exhibitions, workshops, talks, and events.

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