6-14 October 2017

Animation Design at the Hangar Exhibition

By Lena Kassicieh
On Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Animation design is used to communicate stories, concepts and ideologies. These designers demonstrate the power of animation design through their work that tackles everything from social and political topics to video game animation, and an animation panel talk that discusses how motion graphics can be used as a tool for expression and a new instrument for storytelling in Jordan.

Sandra Dajani, an independent animation artist with more than 10 years of experience, created an experimental, conceptual 2D animated short that tackles the issue of immigration titled ‘Coyote’. Coyotes have been spotted and monitored around parks in the Bronx in New York City, where they started breeding and forming families. No one knows why coyotes took refuge in such unusual places. Looking back to what originally drove coyotes to migrate can be attributed to a glitch in the system; an invasion of forests, urbanization of land and forceful deportation. The word “coyote” is also an urban term for a smuggler who facilitates the crossing of illegal Mexican immigrants over U.S borders.

FB: sandra.dajani | IG: @sendolausmendo | sandradajani.com

Art director and interior architect Saif Alatrash began his career in motion graphics and animation, and recently started doing research on the use of augmented and virtual reality in architecture and design. Saif created a first-person survival horror game demo titled ‘One Thousand and One Nights’.

FB: saif.alatrash  | IG: @saiffa88 |  saifdesigner.tk

Jordanian animation film director and scriptwriter Tariq Rimawi wrote several short animation films in the last few years, including ‘Missing’, ‘Growing’ and his latest from 2016, ‘Surprise’. Tariq is the founder and the head of the Animation and Multimedia Department at the University of Petra in Jordan. On display at the Hangar Exhibition this year is his 2010 short animated film entitled ‘Missing’, which focuses on childhood representations of the emotional consequences of war. This film was made as Tariq’s Master’s Degree graduation project, and was influenced by the Gaza War that took place in December 2008. 

FB: TariqRimawiFilms | tariqrimawi.com

On 12 October, four Jordanian animation designers and educators showcase their work and process in a quick-paced, pecha kucha style presentation, and discuss how motion graphics can be used as a tool for communication, expression, and as a new medium for giving a voice to youth in Jordan. The panel will include Mahmoud Hindawi, an animation filmmaker, illustrator and cartoonist, Dr. Tariq Rimawi, Sandra Dajani and Saif F. Alatrash.