6-14 October 2017

Design For a Cause: Conscious Packaging

By Lena Kassicieh
On Saturday, September 30, 2017

Besides aesthetically impacting the user's experience with products, designers also have an impact on creating consciousness of consumerism when they design. These designers highlighted the necessity of being mindful about our usage and disposal of product packaging and being conscious consumers.

Graphic designer Abeer Anabtawi's 'Litterally' project seeks to raise awareness on human environmental impact through littering and waste disposal. The play on the words 'litter and literally’ is simple and direct, showing literally what happens when we litter.

The concept is based on a viral video that shows a straw being pulled out of a turtle's nostril. A variety of ideas within the same concept are created on different packages to better help the consumer visualize the severity of the problem.

IG: @Insidemysketchbook.a | behance.net/abeeranabtawi

Float Design and Production House created a line of secondary packaging products, launching at Amman Design Week 2017. This project delves into the world of smart, reusable secondary packaging solutions. By using layered corrugated cardboard, strengthened paper composites and modern textiles, the disposable brown box is evolved into an attractive, functional and durable package that serves to protect the product for the entire post-packaging process; from the factory floor to the end user and then as an independent product with an extended lifecycle.

Browny - Bag (2017) - The laptop package becomes a customizable functional bag for the product with a reduced carbon footprint, complete with biodegradable plastic sleeve.

Browny - Tilt (2017) - The mouse package conveniently becomes a breathable laptop tilter, made from 100% recyclable PVC/cardboard

مدّ/Mid (2017) - A package that unfolds to become the display frame for the puzzle it contains. The design for مدّ/Mid was created for “The Art Reach Project” and is a commercial product. The small perforated handle and the paper bag package to contain the puzzles inside.

Guilty Snacker (2017) - Extending food packaging life through reusable, entertaining packaging, this maze structure features a peel off aluminum food grade seal and is integrated in the cylindrical package that houses the product. Children or adults are required to take the time and effort to unlock the package to earn the snack. The package can be kept and reused as a storage box.

To see instructions on how any of these items can be used, click here.

IG: @Float_dp | floatdp.com