6-14 October 2017

Design for a Cause: Environmental Sustainability and Waste

By Celine Alkhaldi
On Wednesday, September 20, 2017

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In a world threatened by dwindling resources, climate change and other irreversible environmental ramifications, design can be a powerful tool to reflect the growing global yearning for a more sustainable future. ADW featured designers and experts hail from different backgrounds and possess different talents and skills, but they share a passion for sustainability and have chosen to leverage on their love for design to send a resounding message.

Italian fashion designer Caterina Filice is bringing her diverse experience and unique vision to Amman Design Week, hosting a special talk entitled 'Ethical is the New Black. Taking place on the evening of 9 October, at Al Hussein Cultural Center, the talk will tackle the subject of sustainability from a fashion design point of view, and will explore the socio-environmental impact of a fashion product throughout its life cycle: from design, material sourcing and production, all the way to logistics, use and end of life.

Oasis 500 will be hosting a series of two talks entitled Sustainable Architecture 1 and 2. The talks will discuss the crucial subject of sustainable architecture, highlighting the importance of sustainability in construction, and the concepts and applications of Green Building and Rating Systems (LEED, JGBG). The talks will end with a discussion of a case study on the Izzat Marji Headquarters.

Amal Jamil Madanat, a social and environmental activist and founder of  the Towards Zero Waste Initiative at the Dahiyat al Hussein School in Amman, will be communicating her unique vision in an introductory workshop taking place on 14 October at Mobile MakerSpace in Ras El Ain. The workshop, titled 'With Myself I Started', will highlight her personal experience dealing with waste and speaks about the challenges and benefits of recycling and finding creative ways to reuse waste. Participants will learn creative ways to repurpose waste, and should bring recyclable items, like water bottles, juice containers and food cans. There will also be a screening of her film 'With Myself I Started' on 9 and 14 October.

Jadal for Knowledge and Culture, an open space situated in one of Jabal Al Lweibdeh’s historic houses, on the Kalha stairs, which is popular for its cultural activities and knowledge sharing, will host an exhibition and talk on a subject that increasingly growing in popularity: urban farming. The exhibition, taking place on 11 October, will include an introduction to the philosophy behind rooftop farming, its benefits and values for communities and the environment.