6-14 October 2017

Design for Accessibility and Disability

By Lena Kassicieh
On Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Designers play a crucial role in creating items that make life more efficient, safe and practical. At the Hangar Exhibition this year, Hanaa Jubeh and Sahar Madanat both designed projects that tackle movement and accessibility related obstacles by creating a more efficient experience for the elderly, children or individuals with disabilities.

The Car Chair Lift, designed by Hanaa Jubeh, began with a personal need to help her son overcome a physical disability that impairs his movement. Given the absence of a suitable environment that is handicap accessible, Hanaa Jubeh began designing tools to help the disabled overcome difficulties in their homes and schools, therefore allowing them to integrate in society and gain independence. This relatively small device consists of four lightweight steel and copper parts that can be assembled easily and quickly, and that allow the disabled user to independently transfer his or her seat from a wheelchair into a car without being carried and with limited assistance. The device uses electricity from the car, and can be modified to suit any cars dimensions.

Hanaa's design can assist the elderly and/or people with disabilities or temporary injuries.

Hanaa Jubeh's Car Chair Lift Project

Hanaa Jubeh works in the field of interior design and is particularly interested in finding effective solutions for people with special needs. Aside from her practice in architecture, she seeks to develop mobility solutions for individuals who suffer from motor challenges. Hanaa develops learning tools and bathing assistant utilities, in addition to supporting materials such as electric conveyors and person gears that can be used with electrical or manual wheelchairs.

Designed by Sahar Madanat Design Studio, the Pushpin Dynamic Surface is composed of a grid of dynamic pins that compress down by applying pressure. The surrounding uncompressed pins act as walls and provide stability to the item that has been placed on the surface, holding it securely in place to resist shaking and tilting. The surface can be used at home by the elderly and children, or in transport/mobility contexts such as in cars and aircrafts. The compressed pins simply pop right back up once the object is removed, making the surface reusable for a variety of different applications. These flexible and modular mats come in various sizes and materials; depending on the purpose and environment. 

Sahar Madanat also exhibited at the 2016 Hangar Exhibition, after which her design for the one-handed plate went on to receive the Audi Innovation Award in Dubai.

Sahar Madanat Design's Pushpin Dynamic Surface

Sahar Madanat Design Studio is a Jordan-based design studio and consultancy founded in 2013, led by Sahar Madanat and a growing multidisciplinary team of designers and engineers. The design studio works to create products that exist to solve a need, enhance an experience and facilitate a higher quality of life through the development of innovative solutions to everyday living.