6-14 October 2017

Meet the Designers: Fashion Design at the Hangar

By Lena Kassicieh
On Wednesday, October 04, 2017

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Featured at the Hangar Exhibition are three designers who channelled their creativity into fabric, each with their own approach and methods. From bright, playful palettes to a more conceptual piece, they highlight homegrown Jordanian fashion design inspired by Amman and a sense of movement.

Exhibiting for a second year in a row, Tania George debuts her new collection 'Shibs, Bibs, Canary' at Amman Design Week 2017's Hangar Exhibition.

Photographer: @chebmoha Model: @lightsandcharlie

The theme of her new collection is nostalgic simplicity. It explores the youthful joys of the past: the happiness one felt when opening a can of Pepsi, a bag of chips or a bar of Canary wafers. According to Tania, today, happiness is much harder to come by. The collection hopes to take you back to the simpler days, when a little afternoon delight would make you smile, inspiring you to appreciate life's little things.

Tania George's new collections' milk carton inspiration

Tania George is a ready-to-wear fashion brand based in Amman that specializes in the production of locally-manufactured contemporary clothes with funky designs and bright colors. The brand’s collections are inspired by the everyday beauty of Amman; music-playing gas trucks, bagged cotton candy and retro food packaging.

FB: taniageorgedesigns | IG: @taniageorgedesigns | taniageorge.com

Yasmine Alnabulsi's characteristic illustrations of seemingly floating whimsical creatures come to life in fabric form at the Hangar Exhibition. 'Under the Microscope' features delicately drawn creatures on a sketchbook or piece of paper which have now become larger, mobile, and animated when worn or suspended. These creatures move as if they were lifted from 2D forms into wearable, suspended 3D forms embellished with embroidery and sequins.

Yasmine's illustration entitled 'Candy Dungeons'

Yasmine Alnabulsi is an artist who works with her drawing and painting practice, based on natural history drawings and photography, to create patterns and garments of various creatures morphing, swimming and intertwining. 

IG: @yasminealnabulsiyasminealnabulsi.com