6-14 October 2017

Steel Imitating Fabric: Keswa at the Hangar Exhibition

By Amman Design Week
On Thursday, October 05, 2017

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  • Steel Imitating Fabric: Keswa at the Hangar Exhibition

During ADW 2017, the architecture duo of Salwa Al Khudairi and Nada Al Mulla from Studio NAS will be exhibiting their installation 'Keswa' at the Hangar Exhibition

'Keswa,' meaning covering, mimics the abaya that some women of the Arab/Islamic world wear. The outside is smooth and rhythmic just like that of the abaya, while the inside reveals the hidden ribs that hold the structure up and give it its character. The steel piece folds in a geometric way that allows the structure to curve and achieve a rhythmic flow, emulating fabric. 

The installation contains twelve panels attached to one another using ribs and a fastening system that creates seams viewed both from the inside and the outside, embodying the stitches in abayas. The piece is divided into two main sections that overlap and come together to create an opening that allows people to walk through and interact with the artwork.

NAS is a Middle East-based team of architects that focuses on the quality of design at a fabrication and conceptual level. The interest in fabrication as well as material exploration allows the team to tackle projects at a detail level; articulation and refining are two of the most important aspects that the team considers. 

Credit to mentors Emily Baker and Daniel Chavez.