6-14 October 2017


Amman Design Week 2016: Highlights

Catch up on what you missed at Amman Design Week 2016, from exhibitions, installations, programs and events around the city. The inaugural edition of Amman Design Week took place from 1 - 9 September 2016.

Amman Design Week 2016: The Hangar Exhibition

The Hangar Exhibition, designed and curated by architect Sahel Al Hiyari, showcases original work by local and regional designers. The exhibition focuses on ideas of locality, challenging our understanding of design and its ability to push the boundaries of material, scale, form and function.

Amman Design Week 2016: The Crafts District

The abandoned Raghadan Tourist Terminal transforms into a social space exploring the importance of craft in issues of empowerment, self-expression and storytelling. This exhibition, curated and designed by architect Dina Haddadin, offers a holistic link between culture, heritage and contemporary craft.

Amman Design Week 2016: The MakerSpace

The MakerSpace is a forward looking celebration of the Maker Movement. Visitors are invited to explore and interact with the modern tools and methods of creation, including digital fabrication technology, 3D printers, audio-visual devices and advanced robotics.

Material Difference

Talk by Katherine Faulkner - 2 September 2016

Human-Centered Design

Talk by Sahar Madanat - 3 September 2016

Memory Matrix

Talk by Dr. Azra Aksamija - 3 September 2016


Talk by Hussein Alazaat and Ali AlMasri - 4 September 2016 [AR]

Design vs. Business Binary

Discussion by eyen and Lilian Abou Zeki - 4 September 2016