6-14 October 2017

Designing on the Mannequin

Edelina Joyce Issa

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About the Workshop

The two-day workshop aims to provide an understanding of fashion design through three-dimensional experimentation. Students will learn about the principles of fashion design by experimenting with fabric directly onto the mannequin, allowing for an instant visualization of ideas, as they would appear on the body. Students will drape, gather, pleat and pin fabric to develop shapes and silhouettes, and will then develop experimental ideas on paper to create a capsule collection of draped designs.

About Edelina Joyce Issa

Edelina Joyce Issa is an Anglo-Jordanian womenswear designer, stylist, instructor and consultant. During her fashion education in London, Issa worked for brands such as George, Hollister, Abercrombie & Fitch, Mother of Pearl and was recommended for a position at Victoria Beckham, where she worked for three years. Edelina showcased three pieces at Amman Design Week 2016’s Hangar Exhibition, which were inspired by the traditional thobe, and the simplicity with which it creates a versatility of shape and form. Launching her eponymous label with her ready-to-wear line in May 2017, Edelina’s work combines a modern conceptual vision, with a minimal classic design aesthetic. Edelina also teaches fashion design and sewing at the Design Institute Amman.

About Design Institute Amman

Design Institute Amman was founded in 2012 as a multi-disciplinary design education and training project to upgrade the skills and capabilities of designers and enhance the competitiveness of regional businesses through design. Courses and workshops are open to professionals and design enthusiasts wishing to invest in developing their skills or transitioning into new careers. Design courses offered are in graphic, product, interior, fashion, jewelry and accessories. The Institute also offers summer and after-school courses for kids and teens to create awareness in art and design and lead them into finding a future in design.

Jabal Amman

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