6-14 October 2017

Tea by Design


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About the Workshop

Tea by Design is a one-hour workshop which invites participants to design their own unique tea aromas and flavors by using loose leaf teas, tisanes and herbs. The workshop will begin with a discussion on the history, alchemy and origins of tea and will focus on the art of reflecting feelings, scents, and flavors into a single brew of tea. Participants can then enjoy tasting their own blends in Isteakan’s tea garden.

About Zeina Saket and Tara Khumush

Zeina Saket is a visual and tea-blending artist and Tara Khumush is a visual designer and passionate tea taster and together they founded Isteakan Tea-Living, a concept store specialized in tea and design. Zeina has a B.A. in Fine Arts and Tara has a B.A. in design, and both partners reflect their love for art, design and tea into their Jabal Amman store. Finding inspiration from Jordanian culture, heritage and modern forms of design, Tara and Zeina create unique tea-living concepts and specialty tea blends.

About Isteakan

Isteakan Tea-Living is a tea concept and design store in Jabal Amman. Isteakan creates and designs tea-ware revolving around the culture of tea as inspired by our local culture and Islamic art. Isteakan team celebrates the art of tea blending, and finds inspiration in tea leaves and aromatic herbs.

  • Address: 11 Abu Tamman Street, 2nd Circle
  • Opening Hours: Sat - Thu 11 am - 7 pm
  • Telephone: 06 464 1815, 079 702 2606
  • Website: isteakan.com
  • Facebook: isteakan
  • Instagram: @isteakan
  • Twitter: @isteakan

Jabal Amman

11 Abu Tamman Street, 2nd Circle