6-14 October 2017

Empowerment and Storytelling Through Craft

By Amer El-Mousa
On Sunday, July 24, 2016

Digging deep into the hidden corners of the country, we discover the skills found in rural areas, particularly those of women who pour their soul into the crafts they are making and tell their stories through the objects. Crafts at once become a tool of self expression and empowerment, offering opportunities to rural communities to make their skills known and transfer their culture and heritage through exchange.

A Collection of Works by Al BurganAl Burgan, established as a family business in 1989, specializes in developing and contemporizing Arabic tradition by involving women to create high-quality items that combine intricate skill with originality.

A Collection of Works by Jordan River FoundationThe Jordan River Foundation focuses on child safety & economic development for low-income communities. The showroom exhibits the handicrafts work of women from three different projects.

Tote Bags by Safi CraftsSafi Crafts experiments with innovative arts and crafts with twelve women from Ghor Al Safi, expressing themselves through painting, natural dyes, embroidery and sewing.

VHS Tables by ZawayedZawayed, which means "extras" in Arabic, is a project developed in 2010 by Mohammad Alhajji and Liyan Al Jabi, utilizes extra materials such as waste to create art. It allows women in Jabal Al Natheef to discover their creative potential.

Keychains by JORIAJORIA is an empowerment project that aims to support women from Jordan and Syria through occupational therapy, which includes embroidery, knitting, soap making and cooking.

Bracelet by InamullumaniInamullumani was established 10 years ago by Luma Qusus, as it focuses on jewelry design. This is achieved by empowering women through workshops and involving them in the process of creation.

You can find all these works and more by the heroes of design at The Craft District during Amman Design Week.