6-14 October 2017

Jewelry Design at the Hangar Exhibition

By Lena Kassicieh
On Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Jewelry design at the Hangar Exhibition this year highlights the diversity of local designers' creations. Ranging from contemporary pieces to more traditional, the works celebrate Jordanian talent in accessory design.

Dana Rousan reveals her newest collection, 'Contemporary Jewelry Collection' at Amman Design Week this year, featuring 18kt gold with sterling silver.

Established in 2012 and based in Amman, Ola Medanat Jewelry aims to provide women with an alternative to traditional fine jewelry. As an architect and a jewelry designer, Ola’s clean cuts and linear designs are evident in each piece. For ADW 2017, Ola Medanat Jewelry will present new pieces that embody personification, exploring the harsh but blurry boundaries of the self and the surroundings through hand-molded silver and gold-plated jewelry, as well as crystals.

Ola Medanat Jewelry designed a collection, entitled 'Personification', that delicately combines gold-plated hand-molded silver with varied crystals, including quartz.

FB: OlaMedanatJewelryIG: @oh.em.jay

Hala Ghatasheh, who currently resides in Germany, is a media architect who specializes in the fields of exhibition design, interactive media and spatial installations. Her work thrives to facilitate the integration of media and the newest technologies into architectural design to enhance the experience of users 

Credit to supporting designer Faida Abu Sharkh.

Hala’s 'Stray Collection’ uses generative design and digital manufacturing to produce a collection that explores the possibilities of merging architecture, technology, and fashion. The pieces are designed to follow the natural body curvature, generating statement pieces that complement the female figure.

IG: @halaghatasheh_cjd | halaghatasheh.wixsite.com