6-14 October 2017

Basic Garden Design


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About the Workshop

Participants of this workshop will receive an introduction to basic garden design, and will be asked to come up with an abstract drawing that will be transformed into a garden plan. Each participant will be provided with a drawing that portrays the dimensions of a real garden, topped with a grid for drawing shapes. Participants will learn a simplistic method of transforming shapes into garden areas and plans.

About Amani Safarini

Amani Safarini is very passionate about gardens and plants, and as a result, enrolled in a post graduate garden design program at Oxford College of Garden Design. After completing her studies, Amani founded Tumayr in March 2016, creating bespoke outdoor spaces catered to various lifestyles and needs.

About Tumayr

Tumayr is a garden design shop offering a wide selection of garden ornaments and accessories as well as landscape services. Tumayr believes in the power and beauty of nature; and in its capability of transforming lives and spaces.

  • Address: 6 Ayman Malakh Complex, Ibn Alfata Street, 7th Circle
  • Opening Hours: Sat - Thu, 10 am - 7 pm
  • Telephone: 06 582 5258
  • Website: tumayr.com
  • Facebook: tumayr
  • Instagram: @tumayrgardens

7th Circle

6 Ayman Malakh Complex, Ibn Alfata Street, 7th Circle