6-14 October 2017


Eissa Abdelnour

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About the workshop

This workshop allows children to create characters using clay that they can bring to life with a camera. Claymation, or clay animation, is a form of stop motion seen in award winning shows such as Wallace and Gromit, and Shawn the Sheep. This workshop will enhance children’s motor skills and introduce them to the mechanics of filmmaking and STEAM learning concepts.

About Eissa Abdelnour

Eissa Abdelnour started his career developing animated content in the field of e-learning. He enrolled in the School of Audio Engineering to study digital animation and accumulated 15 years of experience as an animator, film producer, visual effects artist and teacher. Eissa enjoys transferring his knowledge and passion for animation with children.

About the Animation Workshop

The Animation Workshop offers a foundation for specialized education. Running courses in animation for children, The Animation Workshop helps develop children’s technical animation skills while learning to express themselves in a fun, creative way.

Jabal Amman

24 Malika Musbah Street, 3rd Circle Amman, Jordan